Monday, June 20, 2011

Crown Molding Turned Mirrors

We got a killer price on crown molding so we did our Family Room, Kitchen and Master. We had a few scraps left over so I decided to attempt making my own mirrors to go above our thrift store dresser! I could just buy one big mirror, but I wanted two identical mirrors to give us each our own little vanity type landing spot. So I picked up a cheap unfinished frame, a square craft mirror, and some L brackets. Paul cut the wood to fit around the unfinished frame.

I attached the L brackets on the back to hold everything in place. Filled all the gaps with wood puddy and tiny dowels. Final touch was spray paint left over from doing THESE chairs. 

Hang em' up!

Perfect! I love how its on the wall opposite our windows too because it helps the light bounce and brighten up the space! (have i mentioned how bad i want a nice camera!? ugh... i could decorate 3 rooms with the cost of one of those babies, one day, one day)

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