Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sprucing up the Laundry Room

I haven't posted projects in forever so my goal is to get up-to-date over the next few days, that's the warning- project overload coming up! For now... the laundry room. Simple updates that make a world of difference. It's still not complete but I smile when I go in and out of there a million times a day. 

Here it was when we moved in- then add in our 1970's non-matching washer and dryer set that always smelled like smoke and combine it with the wire rack exposing every laundry product we owned- NOT a good combination.

  We bought unfinished stock cabinets- painted them white- finally made like the biggest splurge of our marriage and got front loaders, painted the doors, simple accessories I pulled from around the house- done!


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