Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunburst Mirror for the Master

Sunburst mirrors have been all the craze for the last year and then some... so I never wanted to do one, I usually wanna stray from things that are too trendy and these mirrors are EVERYWHERE. For example...

Addicted to decorating...
 The Lettered Cottage
 Centsational Girl
But when I started doing our bedroom, there was really just the perfect empty spot over one of our dressers so I thought- heck with it, I'll do it anyway. But... everywhere I looked were mirrors that were missing something or not necessarily the way I would want to do it. The ones above were some of my favorites/inspiration. I like the shims idea, I like the paint sticks but I always feel like the mirrors look unfinished or off proportion. So I just ventured to a few craft stores to see what I could come up with to get it just the right way for me!

Shims... about $1.50 @ Home Depot
 I found a bamboo roller shade at a thrift store for $4.00
 Round clock face, unfinished craft mirror, 10" embroidery hoop
 Laying it all out
 Hanging it up!
Still need to accessorize the dresser- but for now, I love it! 

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