Friday, November 13, 2009

My family found a new home! (nat)

Ok no, we are not moving although hopefully one day that will be our wonderful news. For now... just my family photos have a new home. I've had this big empty wall that goes up our stairs and I have done a few things and none of them have ever worked. As you can see... big wall, tiny pictures- so not ok.
I decided that I really wanted to make my family tree work here since that was my original intent. You may remember it from this previous post.
The problem from the beginning was the adhesive on the back wasn't sticky enough for these slightly textured walls so I thought sticky tack would work as a last resort, then at the store I saw this Poster Tape. Totally removable but sticks things to walls. Ahh I love a cheap solution.
The other problem was this is a decal that I bought at Ikea quite awhile ago and they no longer make it. This becomes a problem because my lovely 2 year old thought it would be really fun when I wasn't around to start ripping the tree apart, leaving me with half a tree. If they don't make it anymore... then what do i do!? So.... I just took scrapbooking paper that I already had, traced around the few remaining branches and leaves I did have and there ya go. Instead of replacing all the missing leaves with just black and brown again I thought it might be kinda fun (also kinda cheesy) to use paper for the leaves according to the season. So now there's green, red, yellow, brown, and black- but maybe in the spring I'll have fun with it and change it up again. Who knows!! Now that I can make the pieces myself, the possibilities are endless. Totally something you could do too! So here we are again... totally bare and sad
and feeling much happier
sure is a cute family, i'm glad i get to see them everyday now instead of exhiling them to the basement. happy fall!


Clay and Katy said...

very cute! you are so crafty! love the look of the added leaves!

2sisters said...

What a darling idea!!! I have a wall just like that, I might have to try this.

Would you darling girls like to do a guest post or a blog swap?

Nicole said...

I LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing!! ;)