Wednesday, October 28, 2009

$2 Halloween Costume (nat)

Over at the DIYshowoff they are doing a halloween project show and tell party so I thought I'd link up and try this whole linking thing out! This is about all I've had time for this Halloween! In the past I have spent weeks thinking about what I want my little guy to wear for Halloween and this year, with everything I've had going on I totally procrastinated and didn't even THINK about what to do for Halloween until Sunday night and then I found out we had a party Tuesday morning. Ahhh no time to go buy something, nothing can be shipped that fast. So I had to once again get resourceful. Here is what I came up with. I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

This became...
This! With white cardstock, lots of staples, duct tape, and some felt on the inside for padding it turned out pretty well. Oh and there is a little mouse on the top, you can see in pics below.
Then this... (thanks to my neighbor that works at IKEA and gave me this because she gets tons for free!)
Became this! We've been watching Ratatouille a lot so that's what gave me the idea. I totally cheated and didn't want to finish the edges so I cut off the finished edges of the dish towel and just sewed them on. And thats what I used for the neck and waste ties too.I had fun with all the details. I made a pocket, sewed on the name that I just printed from my computer, bought a pack of mice from walmart for 2 bucks (the only money i spent!)and sewed the mouse on, and finally added a recipe card with the instructions for ratatouille here's the little mouse on the hat too
Once I padded the inside of the hat he loved it! Oh and I made the little candy bag out of a bag of sugar we had, glue, and mod podge. Halloween success!


Kat and Steve said...

Nat, this is SO cute! I can't believe you just thought it up. Just like that. You're making us non-creative folks look bad. I really do love it!

Wes and Tracy said...

Now that's a face that could melt a mother's heart. How sweet is he. Cute idea.

Blessings, Tracy

Rachel H. said...


The DIY Show Off said...

That is SO adorable and so clever! I love it! Thanks so much for linking your creativity to the Show & Tell!


Lindsay said...

Wow. Way cute, Nat. And I thought I was good making a robot costume for Tuck. I envy your resourcefulness.

Clay and Katy said...

Oh I love it!! You are beyond creative and I think it turned out great!!! And Carson looks like such a cute little chef!!!!