Saturday, October 17, 2009

A little texture to my magnet board

Thanks to this great blog that is stuffed full of fun ideas, I came across this post where she talked about seeing this chair in Better Homes and Gardens. I thought it was such a fun idea and a great way for me to put all my random scrap booking letters to use. So I took this photo and used it as my inspiration for a re-vamp on my really boring magnet board. We are linkin up over at thirfty decor chick for the before and after party too!

See- I told you it was really boring! One of the first decor items I got in the 2nd apartment we ever lived in. It started out plain wood, then got painted black, then brown, it needed some serious life put into it.
So I gathered all the random scrapbooking letters I have, which i don't even know why i have them because i don't scrapbook- it takes me WAY too long to finish one page. I had a few of these wood letters too and just cut some of the edges for the whole- going off the page look.
Here it is with all the letters added. I actually think it looks super cute this way and it would be really fun for like a playroom or little kids room but since it's going in my family room and i didn't want it to distract from the pictures it got 2 cans worth of white paint. I love that this project only cost me 2 bucks- gotta love spray paint for 96 cents!
Oh and I used hot glue to put everything in place. Some letters were sticky on the back but I just wanted to make sure they were all stuck on and not going anywhere
Yeah it took a lot more paint than I thought it would to cover the brown and all the colorful letters.
Tada! Ooooo, AhhhhThen I stuck all my pictures and magnets back on and decided I was so done with the magnets now too. Scrapbooking paper just glued on was not working for me anymore.
So I just covered them in scrap fabrics I had instead, I love an easy facelift!
I especially love that it makes the pictures stand out so much more now. Ahhhh LOVE it!


Clay and Katy said...

very cute!!!!!

Kat and Steve said...

That is SO cute!

The DIY Show Off said...

I LOVE this! :) I was inspired by that chair too and made my own. your frame and magnet board are awesome. Great job!

Rachel H. said...

OH MY GOSH! amazing! sERIOUSLY, this blog gets better and better as I browse!

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