Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas came early!! (nat)

Ahh don't we all remember back to the furniture we got as newly weds, where at the time we thought it was so great and just so cute!? Wow, its nice to know that we can all upgrade in life. Here it is, our old entertainment center. Bought 6 years ago with wedding gift cards at walmart for 100 bucks. I really did like it. I liked it even better when I bought an Ikea curtain panel and put it in the glass to hide all the junk we stored in it. But... after a few moves, the "wood" on this thing just wasn't surviving. The tv totally started leaning to the right and having busy boys made it so i had practically no little accessories all over. Sooooo when my hubby decided he was ready to splurge on a new TV i demanded a new console.
ahhh a REAL piece of furniture. i went to every furniture store in the state i think and searched online and no one had what i wanted. i wanted white first off, but that seems to be very hard to come by. and we are still living on a limited budget so spending 600+ for a decent piece of furniture just wasn't an option. after talking to a few friends we came across a guy that said he could make one for us! yes! we sent him a few pictures of one we liked at ikea (that they don't make anymore b/c it was a piece of junk i guess) anyway- for 300 bucks he made this custom for us in 4 hours! i love that it has tons of storage, totally ties in all the white bead board from our kitchen, could be used as a buffet, sofa table, etc. later on if we needed, and is real, solid, sturdy, durable wood! i am sure i could have craigslisted something, or re-done a thrifty find but sometimes, i must admit its just nice to have something brand new. oh and the tv... yeah love it. the other GREAT thing about this was... we took our old entertainment center and used it to totally re-organize the laundry room! it needed a major overhaul, mostly all my crafty junk. so we tore apart the entertainment center and made shelving for all my stuff! i LOVE getting organized!
Laundry room/crafty nook before...
and after! when you live in a small space, every square inch is important and this "laundry" room serves our family so well! i love having a space all to myself for all my crafty stuff. my little sanctuary.
So these are the shelves made from our entertainment center. It makes such a difference getting everything up off of the table. so much more work space! we put shelves on the other side of the room too for all Paul's tools and stuff. so great!and just a little shot of my inspiration board. so much more inspirational now that i can actually see it! it hasn't been updated in a long, long time- i should probably get on that, but it still makes me happy. everyone should have one!


Clay and Katy said...

Love it! And I am jealous of your craft space...looks great! I love your new tv stand!!!!

2sisters said...

That's awesome!!! Now you can actually use your craft space :)