Friday, October 14, 2011

Virtual Family Room Design

Recently my close friend moved into a new rental and asked for a little help figuring out how to pull things all together and make a space she and her family will love! Since she lives out of state we had fun with lots of emails back and forth and were able to pull a few things to get the ball rolling. 

The family room was painted in ButterCream from Restoration Hardware.
The stairs and upstairs hall were going to be tan and she wanted a fun pop of color in the kitchen that went with everything else. I gave lots of suggestions and she picked my fave- Sherwinn Williams Sea Salt!
Next up was fabric for the curtains. Something that pulled the two spaces together and freshened things up. There was a lot to choose from between online stores, etsy, etc. I just started pulling some and putting them in a pinterest file...

Then she went to her local Joanns and found this one! Lucky for her it was on sale- perfect!
Next up... define style- I had her take a few fun design quizzes that help you "define" your style. You can check them out too- it's always fun to see what the books say you like even if you don't think they ring true.

Last steps- she sent me a few pictures and told me what they need as a family- more lighting, storage for kid stuff, fun patterns/personality. So here are the before's....


I just focused on the left side/family room because I couldn't figure out how to do both in one photoshop doc. But I used furniture from both pics. (slight disclaimer-- I can't get that silly blue pillow from that tan couch smaller and I know it looks silly and off, but whatever- I'm still trying to figure out this whole photoshop thing)
Color palette: I pulled colors from the curtains you already have, the wall color, and light colored carpet etc

formal- The side table, lamps, and picture frame are a sleek shape/luster to give a little sparkle
french- I had no idea how to incorporate that part of your surveys given what you already have :)
vintage- A few rustic/fun pieces - the basket full of books, little toy box by the chair, coffee table- I have seen some fun rustic/vintage coffee tables online lately using old pallets or trunks or things that you could do way cheap. Oh and the cute little blue clock is a fun little vintage accessory

* Play/storage space for the kids: an ottoman/coffee table like that would hold a lot of stuff and serve as a toy box if u wanted, the little toy basket by the chair, basket of books etc. I was thinking of making the other half of the room the main place with large storage, a twin to the bookcase you already have and a storage thing between the two etc.
 *Lighting: I put a tall lamp in that area (u could just use the one you already have) and then one on the little side table, but if you do the sofa table you could also flank two on either end or in a grouping to add a lot of light right there

Keeping costs low: I used most of the large existing furniture pieces- the major thing is if you don't use the drawers in that sofa table that putting it behind your sofa gives you the perfect spot to put cute, fun accessories or artwork, or lamps for reading to give more light in the room. It also give a focal point to the room besides just the window. You could also just re-paint or use the side tables you already have in place of the ones I put on there.

**Once again... this was TOTALLY a fun project! I love these little virtual design projects- just as fun to design and it doesn't cost me a dime! You can see the other one I did for my friend here 

If you or anyone you know would like a virtual design- let me know! I work for free :)

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You are so great! And completely, utterely talented. Love it!