Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedroom Details: THE BED!

Well our bedroom has finally come together one piece at a time. It's not the most amazing thing in the world, but without spending much money- it has come a long ways! Instead of doing one mammoth post, I thought I would break things down a bit. So first up and most exciting was THE BED! Here is what we had when we moved in- white walls, no molding (u can see where we started doing molding in the top left corner) a brass headboard we painted black years ago, old bedding etc. 

 After scouring KSL and trying to find a good deal on beds, I came across Ana White's site, and loved the farmhouse bed. It's been floating around blog land for awhile but it really is perfect. After showing the plans to Paul-one night he just packed up, went to the store, came home with all the supplies, and only a few hours later  he had totally completed the headboard! I was shocked! I knew he was a handyman, but holy moly- I am so lucky :) It was a good excuse to get him the drill set he's always wanted, and if that means he'll keep up the projects then that's fine with me!
I think it only took him one more night to do the foot board and rails. Then it took me 3 times that long to fill all the holes and paint. It was kind of a beast to paint actually, lots of primer and paint. I do love how it looks unfinished in these pics though.
  Here it is when we first moved it into the room. I just kinda threw the bedding on and it's not looking great. But at this point we did have the crown molding up (ALSO thanks to Paul, ok I guess I filled all the holes and painted too) and the wall color was up. But still lots to work on--- notice the way too short nightstand and hideous puke orange chair (no offense to Grandma) --- these eye sores will be addressed in upcoming posts!