Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angie's House

I have a cute friend Angie in the neighborhood that has said several times that she wants help with her family room. So after making a little storyboard for my bedroom, I thought maybe I could do something similar for her! So I called her up, checked out her space, and spent a little time putting something together for her. Here are the pics of her space...

We were able to pin down a few things
-color scheme: red, yellow, green
-style: traditional
-wood: definitely like dark wood
-struggle with the long narrow space
-touches of rod iron throughout the space that could be incorporated here too
So here was my attempt- I did a story board, and then wrote out a detailed description on every item in the room- where to get it, how much she could expect to pay, why it made sense etc!

This was SUCH a fun project, I loved every single minute of it. Even if they don't use any of the info- it was so fun for me that I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Angie!!

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Lindsay said...

Wow, Nat, I need to live closer to you so you could do this for me! That's way cool.