Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Master Bed Before and Storyboard Plan!

Since we have almost conquered the entire main floor in less than a year.. of course I just start moving on up. Sheesh, sometimes I think I need to just give myself like a year off of decorating but I just can't seem to do it. So anyway--- our Master Bedroom is next on the list! I hate having a room that I walk into and just think- UGH. No paint, no plan, no nothing. Here's what it looked like a few months ago- a hodge podge of furniture, hand-me-downs, stuff that worked in our last place but not so much here etc. etc.

So the very first thing I did was make a little mini-storyboard of ideas I like and just tried to create a whole scheme for what I want my room to ultimately look like! It was so fun to put together... I think I just might have to do this every time!
Pulling this all together totally inspired me... so I've been busy trying to get this "feel" of course w/out spending a fortune! I will be posting each project step-by-step so stay tuned!!

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Jodee Luke said...

I just saw some owls at Ross that you could paint white. Darn, I should have bought them for you!