Friday, October 8, 2010

Kitchen decor on a budget (nat)

Still loving the striped wall but it needed something--- nothing too busy b/c the stripes do enough but something- trying to stay on our new budget is depressing, but makes things more fun and challenging too so here's the solution for now!

My sister and I got these awesome little signs on our garage sale escapades last spring. I haven't done anything with them yet.. just waiting for the right place and we moved and yada yada so... I finally dug them out again to put them to use! I decided I better veto the Iced Tea one :) so that left the other two- they looked blah and unfinished just as they were on the wall so I took a simple matted IKEA frame that I won at Bunco- (Thanks Linds) framed the pic... and tada- instant art for the kitchen for 2 bucks! It's looking a little lonely though so I either need to get lucky at Bunco again or head to IKEA for the 50th time to give this pic a friend--- hmm might be awhile, but for now- I like it!

Then onto the 3 white doors in a row--- what to do, went to a cute little craft show and tada! perfect cheap solution! vinyl lettering for 3 bucks! OK... i have to admit I don't really love all the vinyl lettering craziness that is out there- all the same quotes we see everywhere and some of it is all a bit cheesy. BUT i do think if done tactfully- vinyl lettering is super cute. If you don't over do it or really search for a quote that means something to you then its great. So anyway- I liked the font on this one a lot, its totally simple, inexpensive, and breaks up the space and fit the door perfectly. Yahoo!

Just ignore all the messy stuff on the counter! ...and the fact that i am still in debate about where the clock should hang-- i am thinking 6 inches lower? yeah, probably!


Jodee Luke said...

I totally agree about all the vinyls....pretty soon people will start labeling people just for the sake of labeling! Anyway the house looks great! I want to see the upstairs!

jason and andrea said...

I love what you've done! The stripes really look awesome and I love your signs. I really think you've got a great eye for design!