Saturday, October 16, 2010

A painted rug (nat)

Why in the world are cute little entry rugs so expensive? I looked at all the typical places-- walmart, target, wherever and I just didn't want to spend 25+ bucks on a simple entry rug. PLus no one really had patterns I liked anway. So the next time I stopped by Ikea I just got this plain and simple yellow rug- 10 bucks- I can handle that!

So when I got it home and put it by the door it was so boring. Yes it was inexpensive, and I liked the color but I needed to do something to it.
So I originally was going to stencil a fun pattern onto it with fabric paint. I found this awesome blog post where Marzi transformed her floor with this fun paisley pattern. She later posted the stencil for others to dowload

So I made the stencil, and started painting the rug-- lets just say it took FOREVER. It took a ton of paint and just way too much time and didn't look great at all soooooo onto plan #2

Stripes of course! Easy, cheap, dramatic. I googled painted rugs and found a few fun ones

Haas Home

I am not really in love with animal prints, lattice looks too complicated, and zig-zag was cute but the last one was my favorite and TOTALLY easier then trying to stencil. A lot of these people used spray paint though--- and I attempted spray paint but holy cow it didn't absorb into the rug AT ALL. Back to a good ole' brush and paint can--- all stuff we already had on hand. I did use a clear coat to seal it and a spray can did the trick here


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