Friday, October 8, 2010

Stripes! (nat)

When we were deciding which walls to paint which colors- it became apparent to me that this wall definitely need to be something a little more exciting than one more solid colored wall. Also- since the wall isn't huge I thought it would be a fun place to do something different, and we could easily change it down the road if we hate it. So I scoured the internet, magazines, everything for a good idea on what to do!

Wallpaper is totally "in" and totally fun but probably don't want to go that route--- I could do a stencil to look like wallpaper(more on that later!!)- probably a bigger project then i want to take on--- then i saw stripes!! I first saw the idea on this blog- and I loved it!! Totally subtle, not too difficult, and I could use the existing color we already had on the wall. This blog was great because it gave step by step directions on how they did it. Quickly after I decided to do this--- then I saw it here- Layla from the Lettered Cottage made it so beautiful! So we used our laser level, a little ruler, tape, caulk, and voila! That first link really does give great directions if you want to try it out yourself!

**oh and the one thing we decided to do to make it easier is we used the existing wall color on the top and bottom stripe so we didn't have to tape off the ceiling and base boards!
The only thing I don't like is---- I guess the whole rest of the decor world saw the same exact idea I did because now I've seen like 20 blogs that have done the same thing. Oh well- great minds think alike I guess! My hubby loves it too though which makes all the difference!

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Ann-Marie said...

How did I miss that you had done this? I love it!!!! It's great!