Monday, October 5, 2009

I've been framed! (amanda)

My Family Room Gallery.
I love, love, love black and white photography. I have taken a few classes myself but am definitely an amateur. I would love one day to fill my house with my photography but in the meantime. I enjoy finding nature prints especially trees and using them around the house. I think it really helps to bring in a touch of the outdoors. These are a few examples of my favorites from around the house.

Such a nice Fall touch with my largest and most favorite print

This series works especially well in the Fall and Winter. I would like to find a few Spring/Summer prints that I like as well. I may take a few myself.

These pictures hang in my Living Room. They were so easy to do and the whole project was only about $20. My husband had kept these nautical prints printed on really nice linen paper that his sister picked up in France. I have always loved them but wasn't sure what to do with them. They are an unusual size and proved difficult to matte or frame. I finally found some unfinished wood frames without backs and antiqued them using a Williamsburg Blue under an antique white. They turned out great but it is difficult to make out the detail on these white walls. Another project in the works- redoing my Living Room decor.

More master bedroom artwork. I tried several combinations of things over my bed. It was proving difficult because my headboard is curved. I finally decided on this series of Monet art prints. I love Monet and I do tend to like a French country style. I printed these from the internet and framed them with black frames I think I paid like $5 a piece for. They look great over the bed.

I love rearranging wall art and making new creations. I needed a few new pictures for my master bedroom and had read that you should fill your adult space with pictures of you as a couple. These are two of my favorite wedding photos. I scanned them in to my computer and printed them out in sephia. Framed them in black mated frames I already had and viola new art and a great memory.

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