Monday, October 5, 2009

Pillow Talk (amanda)

Pillows have got the be the greatest practical accessory item ever invented. They work in a variety of spaces and can instantly take your decor between seasons and in and out of styles. I Make almost all of my pillows if I don't make them myself. I buy them cheap and I mean cheap. I never spend more than $5 generally. You can't make them for that price so that makes it a bargain.
This my living room couch and pillows. All of the black and white toile I bought for less than $2 a yard and have been saving it. It made great pillows and curtains for this room and helped tie the whole space together. The black pillow I scored at Target on clearance for like $2. The satin pillow was $5 at Big Lots. The afgan was handmade by my aunt as a wedding present.
This is a great demonstration of how simple changes can really change a space. I have had this ocuch for like ten years and would like to replace it but I like the style and the color so it just keeps being reinvented. This is how we have it now with fall complimentary pillows. The slipcovers on the cushions come off and I have washed them and restuffed the back pillows by emptying them out refluffing and putting it all back in. Well worth it to get more life out of my sofa.
This is the picture of the same sofa - sagging a little with a slipcover and different pillows after we painted the Family Room last fall.
This is the bed in my master bedroom in my old house. Very blue (my favorite color) and a bit more country- notice the same throw from my living room. I love repurposing and finding new homes for things. I kept this loo for several years, but when I redid my master bedroom in my new house it was time for a change. I wanted a more sophisticated style. So what better way than to change bedding and PILLOWS!
I made these shams- very easy to do.


Step1 - Measure your pillow add however much extra you want as a flange on the edges. In this case I wanted two inches so I added 2" to the measurement all around plus another 1" for the seams. This is for the top side.

Step 2- for the bottom piece add another 4-5 inches just to the width this helps have an opening for inserting the pillow.

Step 3- Cut the back piece in half and hem the two side pieces. This creates an opening to insert your pillow.
Step 4- Sew the top and bottom to each other with right sides together.
Step5- Turn the sham inside out and than top stitch two inches from the outside edge all the way around. Insert pillow and viola! A do it yourself sham.

Just a word about fabric. I love to find fabric deals online. Often you can get really nice decorator fabric for great prices. I also search clearance areas at Jo-ann's You can get better deals. Also don't be afraid to use apparel fabric or quilting fabric on pillows just about anything works.
These shams were made from lined linen that I got on clearance for $2 a yard. It is heavy great stuff. These shame were a little different to make because they had side ties and are square pillows. Basically I measured the pillow and made one two pieces. One piece the length and width plus a seam allowance the other the same width but with a longer length to fit around the edge of the pillow like a case. This piece was folded in and sewn to the inside just on the edges, so that I could still insert the pillow. I added ties by sewing long strips together and attaching them to the edge and had two new shams!
A bolster is tricky. You have to measure the width plus the length all the way around the pillow. Then sew contrasting pieces cut in circles to the ends. I added buttons. I covered them with the contrasting fabric. Coverable buttons are easy to find at your local craft store. I cut the length of this pillow a little too short so it bulges just a bit. I suggest measuring with just a little give around your pillow insert.
My new bedding all put together with pillows. The colors worked great around the room and helped bring in the wall colors and the fabric I also used on the curtains.
Other handmade pillows. I love mixing pattern with pillows and especially love the result when it works in a room.
The red striped pillow was another example of clever pillow covering. It is two napkins sewn together. I like the pattern and the edges were ready finished I just sewed around the edge and left the bottom open to insert the pillow. This particular red pillow is actually a green and yellow floral one that came with the love seat redone and matching much better. The other three pillows were all $5 store finds. The toile one is actually Waverly for $5! Gotta have it!

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