Monday, October 5, 2009

Pottery Barn Pillow (nat)

Last Christmas I was out of town and actually got to go into Pottery Barn instead of just look through the catalog. I was thrilled to see that they actually had some stuff on clearance! I was even more excited when I saw this Serafina print in a cloth napkin! Of course there was only one but I scooped that thing up soo fast. So I got a different one that was on clearance to use on the back, it makes it fun that it's reversible. In case you aren't aware- cloth napkins are soooo perfect for pillows, pin them back to back, sew around, leave an opening to stuff or add a cushion and you're done. Totally cute, super easy to make, and only 4 bucks total- yahoo! Makes me want to actually buy more of this fabric for my kitchen but it only comes in 1 yard (25.00) or 5 yards (99.00) UGH


Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- how fun to share a blog with your sister!
LOVE the serafina pillow! I love the backing fabric too! If you're looking for more at a good price you could try getting a drapery panel of the serafina fabric on ebay.

Oh- one other comment I have on your blog- your content is great, but the way your page is set up I have to scroll down a lot to get to your content. At first I thought the page wasn't loading and I almost left your blog without seeing any of your content, but on my last try I scrolled all the way down and found it. You may be losing visitors this way. Best wishes!

Lindsay said...

Wow, Nat, I no idea you made this pillow from napkins! That's awesome. I've always thought it was super cute. And it sounds pretty easy--maybe I could even do it--if I can figure out how to work the sewing machine I have. :) Cool blog!