Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If only CUTE fabric was cheap-darn it! (nat)

So I have some white curtain panels in my family room right now and they are slowly driving me crazy. Yes I love white but with yellowish walls (not my choice, i would change in a minute if i had the help to do it!) and then these white panels it is feeling soo bla to me. Plus they aren't long enough. Soo my plan is to buy some really cute fabric to add to the top to give some interest to my room, add some color, and make them long enough. The problem is I cannot find super cute fabric, in the colors i would need, the price range i want to pay, and i wish i went to design school so i knew all the right places to look. Anyway... in a dream world here are a few that I like...Uhhh yeah... LOVE these, anyone want to contribute to the I cannot afford, but love Anthropologie fund? Thanks!
Ok this would work.. oh and 6.50 a yard- even better--- wait, what!? I have to get the entire bolt? Why can I not find this anywhere else?
Ok how about green? 14 a yard? Hmmm we are getting there

Ok on to the next window..remember this one in my kitchen?
well i did love it, and the shape is still great for the space but I just feel like the colors have completely limited how I can accessorize in the kitchen. I want something with more colors than blue, green, and brown so I can use different colors- i am getting bored again. What i really want, that I mentioned before is this...
I used it here- i would have so much to go off of, green, blue, white, red, orange, yellow, brown. Once again- 99 bucks for enough yardage to cover the window.

Conclusions: I guess I'm stuck with what I've got, darn

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