Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And thats why sisters are great!

I love having a design dilemma and Amanda knows just how to help me out! I checked out several places online but wasn't loving anything-then she suggested this one and I loved these prints and REALLY love the prices wahoo!!! You are the best... now's the hard part, picking which ones! I'm leaning towards---

This for the kitchen
And down the line maybe some of these for pillows to go on my new (or new to me) bench!
(I'll post a pic of the bench soon)---and i know i obviously love floral- i just can't help it!

I'm still thinking I might like this to attach to the top of the white panels in the family room
Or this.... but color would be funOthers that were fun for who knows what but I'm sure I could find a place

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