Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living Room Ideas

Natalie- I am glad that the fabric websites worked out for you. Hope you enjoy figuring out your choices. I want pics when you get it done.
These are photos from an article in Sept. Country Living Magazine. The whole issue is dedicated to makeovers- gotta love that! Anyway, I am thinking of using these photos as a starting place for my living room makeover. Basically the article showed how to start with a good basic decorating canvas and accessorize from there. You can't go wrong with the basics. There were three different remakes. I of course went for the American Country one but you would probably like the other two. It may be online, check it out.
I am thinking of using this as my start, adding the coffee table and end table that my husband is refinishing for me. I have brushed nickel lamps but need some fun shades. I am also planning on making my slipcover with a narrow blue ticking strip. I was thinking of checking out thrift stores for some empty frames.
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Natalie said...

oooh fun! i need to check out the other pics you were talking about and i have realized that i totally need to subscribe to magazines again. country living, better homes and gardens, etc. etc. everytime i am in the grocery store i just want to buy them all. I really like this american country one for you though- i like the eclectic vibe. i actually thought of doing something with frames like that for up my stairs so i got a bunch of empty ones and now i've changed my mind so i have all these empty frames- if only you weren't so far away i could send them you're way. Can't wait to see how you pull it all together when you are done! So are you doing a white cover with a blue ticking stripe?