Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make a simple window treatment (nat)

I've had this dilemma with the big window in our kitchen for quite some time now. It was a weird space for drapes, too big for pre-made valances, etc. I made a few things that did not turn out well, shopped at a million stores, and finally I found the solution and love it. I have a good friend (thanks josey!) that is quite the seamstress so she told me an easy way to make a valance without a pattern (since i HATE patterns). So I tried it out and here is the result....a little funky but I like it!


1. Pick out 2 types of fabric that coordinate. I used drapery fabric but it does tend to be a bit more expensive. Get both fabrics cut long enough to cover about 3/4th of your window and wide enough to cover your window plus about 4 inches or more. get an addition half yard or so of the fabric you want for your ties. I used the fabric on the backside.

2. Buy Velcro. I found it cheapest at walmart. You want it to be sticky back on each side so you don't have to mess with sewing or ironing etc.

3. Start measuring! Measuring everything so that it hangs just where you want it to on the window was the trickiest part. So once you have that figured out, then you can start everything else.

4. Cut the two fabric pieces so they are exactly the same size.

5. Use the excess fabric to make your ties. The ties should be long enough so that after you tie them, they fall where you want them to on the window. You need 4 ties so cut out 8 strips of fabric. Take 2 strips, pin them together- back sides out. Sew around 3 edges, leaving the 4th short edge un-sewn. Inside out the tie- set aside, make other 3 the same way.

6. Lay back fabric down face up.

7. Lay all 4 ties on top of that with the un-sewn edge in line with the top edge of the back fabric. Make sure the ties lay where you will want them to hang on the window. Lay two on one spot and the other 2 on the other spot.

8. Lay the top fabric ontop of everything else face down.

9. Pin everything together.

10. Sew everything together leaving part of the bottom edge un-sewn so you can turn it right side out.

11. Turn it all right side out, finish the bottom edge

12. Stick velcro on the top backside of the valance, and then velcro on the top of the window.

13. Hang, roll towards you, tie, and admire your beautiful, easy, new creation!

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