Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A big blank slate! (nat)

Let the games begin! Well.... we've been in our new place about two months now so I am finally finding the time to blog again! Soooo just for my own record, for my sis to keep up to date, and for anyone that cares--- here's the beginning of my decorating journey! It is NOT easy with the age of the kiddos right now, and hence-- not a huge priority, but I am sure once winter is full-force again I'll be stir crazy and a painting machine!

So I guess the best place to start is just the main floor- its what everyone sees, its where we spend 90% of our time, and its the most work! So here is the "virtual tour" of the main floor right before we moved in all our junk. It's one blank slate- the house is 5 years old, but no one ever put an ounce of paint, decor, nothing-- which I guess is good for us!

Outside- pretty good, but kinda just a big beige box, hmmm shutters? new color on the door? oh and don't get me started on landscaping!? ugh.... foreclosure= horrible amounts of yard work. and we just found out we are required to have 2 trees in the front yard........trees?? how in the world do we pick out good trees? lots of learning ahead!
front door/entry
looking from the front door to the stairs/family room
family room
eating area/kitchen--- that fluorescent light drives me nuts-o. hmmm maybe recessed lighting in like 10 years when we can afford it :)
have to admit- started to freak out when I saw the kitchen in this house, I was sold! The kitchen in our last place is what sold me too- its just so crucial, the majority of my time is spent here so I have to love it! I would REALLY love it if it was white, but I'm not about to paint really nice cupboards. At least the appliances are white!
laundry/mudroom- hmm i'm thinking beadboard, wallpaper (ok probably not, but maybe stencil at least!), hooks, shoe racks, --- yahoo!
too bad the washer and dryer that will go here are no kidding- like 50 years old. hand- me-downs, one is white- one is cream, but hey! they work and thats the important part!

ok that about sums up the main floor--- so we'll start there, watch out sherwin williams- we're on our way!

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