Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage sale Jackpot! (nat)

On our recent trip home I told my mom the one thing I really wanted to do was check out some garage sales. They live in a really nice area and everyone seems to give nice stuff away practically free. So after just a few hours on two different days I was ecstatic with everything I was bringing home!!! Even if it meant strapping things to the roof and getting bad gas mileage on the drive home-- it was worth it! There is really nothing I love more than getting an incredible deal on something I love. Ahhhhh

So--- here's my favorite!!! I got this Pottery Barn Kids Twin Quilt with matching sham. In great condition for 8 dollars!! 8! It matches the boys decor perfect already and will be awesome when Blake gets moved to a twin.
For anyone wondering how good of a deal that is... Here is a Pottery Barn Kids Firetruck Quilt currently for sale (even discounted at this price)... for....... 159.99! and... I think mine is cuter :)

On to my next favorite find.... can we say double jogging stroller for 15 bucks! I almost bought a different one for 30 but decided to shop around--- found this one which was even better and steers awesome for 15. I'll admit after the purchase I realized a few parts were broken but nothing I couldn't fix with a little duct tape once we got home. I've already been on like 5 walks with the kids and even took them to Walmart and back. Perfect for the summertime!

My sister and I both fell in love with these cute little vintage inspired signs. Since I already scored some sweet stuff I said she had first dibs. So she originally bought them for a buck each but then after being the wonderful sister she is... she let me take them home instead because she knew how much I really wanted them. And yes, yes, I know we probably shouldn't have gotten the Iced Tea one but you have to decorate in 3's! What else was I supposed to do?!

Another great snatch.... a radio flyer trike for 5 bucks!! Seriously? Why are these so dang expensive in the stores? That is why I've never gotten one before, my poor neglected child. At almost all the stores right now they retail for 49.99, not a price I wanted to pay but now Carson is thrilled to finally have a "bike" Everyday after he'd wake up and beg to ride his bike. Now we just need to get him the real deal... training wheels and all.

And the last post-worthy purchase.. clothes!!! I was on a hunt for fall clothes for the boys and holy cow I went to the right lady--- she had bags of 4T stuff, all name brand from either Childrens Place, or Gap. So between her and one other stop I got 9 shirts, 1 sweater vest, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cords, 2 PJ sets, and a pair of winter boots for....................
10 dollars. Phew! It seems like I go broke every time the seasons change and I have to buy the kids clothes so its nice to know I got so much stuff for less than the price of one pair of jeans. Yahoo!
It's amazing we actually fit everything back into the car to make the trek home, whatever it was so worth it. Maybe its a good thing the garage sales here are lame or I would have way too much stuff!

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