Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cover-Up

As I continue progress on the living room I have been coming across decorating challenges I didn't expect- mainly the fact that I have less money than I hoped. Fortunately, a little creativity has set in. This week I have been rearranging furniture to create the feel I want the room. When I did this I realized that I really wanted this little bookshelf to serve as an end table. The size was great and I was able to organize everything inside but I didn't like looking at the clutter. My whole living room challenge has been an exercise in hiding clutter so what was I going to do?

I came across an article in Better Homes & Gardens where someone had used fabric to create a little entry table out of plywood. I didn't need to make the shelf I just wanted to cover it up. So here is what I did.

I started with some navy blue broadcloth that I bought for $1.79 a yard. It took about 3 1/2 yards to complete the project. I measured all of the surfaces to be covered. For example the back was 33" wide by 29" high. For the front I measured and cut two pieces adding about an inch to the width of each piece so I could finish the edges. I added 1/2" seem allowance to all of my pieces and 2" for hemming at the bottom. I then sewed the pieces together starting with sewing the back to the sides. I sewed the top last and the front pieces to the top very last. To my relief it fit. Yeah!

Plain blue was a little boring so I found this trim and bought about 4 yrds. I could of used a little more to go around the top, but that is okay. I top stitched it around the edges and finished!

I would like to add a piece of glass to the top to finish it off and it helps keep the top free of dust. I am pretty happy with the result and now I don't have to look at clutter. This could easily be adapted to any decor-just change the fabric style and trim or ribbon. - Happy crafting.

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