Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Living Room Makeover Stage II

My living room makeover has definitely been an ongoing project. The floor is down and the finish work is done. I have added a few more touches and I wanted everyone to see the update. After visiting Ikea for some filing cabinets and assessing the budget I decided to rework a few things and only purchase items that would make a difference and create the look I wanted.

I just got a new table lamp and floor lamp today. I am really happy with them. I waited for JCpenney to have a sale and use a combination of two coupons for 30% off. I got two lamps for $90 a great deal considering the regular price would of been over $250. The little table I got at Ikea. I made the little table doily from some fabric samples I had. I just patch worked them together. The flower arrangement I also made. I bought a new pad for this chair. The old one was blue and clashed with my wall color. I am really liking the contrast of the light cream with the blue. It is so calm and relaxing. I think of it as my adult escape room. The kids have the family room. This one is mine!

Because we splurges for the floor and two new filing cabinets I didn't have enough $ to buy new bookshelves. So after some rearranging around the house I moved these ones into this room and made better use of them. I skirted the bottom section with cafe curtains and rods. I using the filing boxes on top for extra storage. It felt so good to turn what used to be a mess into something truly organized. I also love being able to keep things hidden. It keeps down on the clutter.

The finishing touch for this room to be done besides some furniture rearranging is the completion of my corner desk and shelving. My husband has built a nice corner desktop and workspace that will hold the computer and give me room for crafting, sewing etc. It is still in construction phase but should be done soon. I am then going to hang a nice clock, calendar and some additional open shelving. I can hardly wait. I am hoping to then bring in a nice area rug and some artwork. I will keep you updated. In the meantime my portable buffet table is my current desk. It works for now.

Stay tuned for other projects. I am also refinishing another end table a coffee table and a wooden desk chair for the room. I love seeing it all coming together.

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