Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boy's Room Redecorating (manda)

After 3yrs. of living in our house I have finally gotten around to the last few rooms that I need to paint and decorate. (Of course the saying goes- once you finish painting you move and start all over) This includes my children's bedrooms. I wanted to redecorate my oldest son's room before purchasing bunkbeds and moving his little brother in with him. So in my efforts to redorate and create a room that two boys would eventually share this is what I came up with.

This is the before picture. My son was 5 at the time so the primary colors worked. The furniture is all a nice bedroom set that we inherited from my in-laws, minus the dresser which is from ikea. Now that everyone is older I needed something that my boys could grow into but would still be fun for young boys.

I started with painting the room. A friend of mine had done a similar wall color technique but with she painted the walls to chair rail height with two different colors of blue. I wanted something a little brighter, but still wanted a dark blue color. So I opted to go white on the ceiling to wainscoat height (1/3 of the way down the wall) and do blue from there down. I used my favorite white Home depot's Cotton Whisper by Behr and the blue is Valspar's Deluxe Eddie Bauer Home- Denim. The is a pretty easy process. I painted the white first and just went down far enough to ensure that it would be below where I wanted the blue. I then used a chalk line to mark the walls, taped the line, and painted the bottom -denim. The trim and windows were then also painted to match the ceiling.
It was definitely time for a bedding update. The old quilt was frayed and much too little boyish. Knowing that I would be making bedding for bunk beds I did everything x 2. I found 2 Ralph Lauren Down Alternative comforters at TjMaxx for $26 a piece. A great deal! Then I needed to cover them. My son wanted red so after much searching I finally found a set of red sheets by Woolrich on clearance at a local overstock store and bought two. I had two sets of knit sheets already. I sewed the red sheet to the blue- making the duvet cover reversible and whoola! I am hoping to mix and match the sheet sets on the bunk beds to make the spaces coordinated yet individual. The accent pillow was $5 and is a Waverly blue ticking stripe.
My window treatments including denim valances and red roman shades finish the look. My husband helped install shelves over the desk for my older son to keep things away from his brother and help clean up the clutter. I would like to find a night table to match the other furniture, that will have to be my next project. My clever sister also suggested adding dresser pulls to dress up the dresser. I will probably do that too. We are all very happy with the new room. My son is the most thrilled of all.
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Natalie said...

i am totally impressed with the quality of those pics given your ancient camera! the pillow turned out cute! can't wait to see everything with bunk beds!