Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Window Changes (manda)

I had new windows installed to the front of my house about a month ago. I love them. They are great and really updated the front of the house, but what I have had the most fun with is updating and changing my window treatments. When we moved in everything was cheap aluminium mini-blinds. We changed a few out earlier for some shades but with the new windows everything had to come down.

This was my chance to get what I really wanted. While strolling through target a few weeks ago I came across a whole end cap of roman shades marked down 75% off. They were perfect. Mostly a nice cream color. I selected jute shades for 5 windows downstairs and thermal cloth shades for 5 windows upstairs. All of this only cost me $95! Yeah! My patient husband has been helping me get them all installed. We have practically no window sills, so the shades all had to mounted to the outside but with cute curtain panels it works great.

I picked up these curtain panels that I am in love with at Ikea. I had to hem them a little but the iron in hem strips made it a snap. They go from the ceiling to the floor and really add a great feature to the room. Now I am just saving up for my new couch.

Please tell me about your window challenges and solutions. I would love to hear all your clever ideas!

My new windows!

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Natalie said...

looks great!! i need a major overhaul on my living room window. love the ikea panels too. and soo impressed that you covered the entire house for under 100- mom taught us well :)