Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute Country Christmas Wreath (manda)

My old Christmas door wreath had faded badly. - Fake flowers will do that over time. So I decided one of my earliest Christmas decorating projects would be to make a new wreath. I wanted something a little country to match the outside of my house. I went to the local craft store and set my mind to work. For about $15 this is what I came up with. You could easily apply these techniques to match any decor style. The possibilities are endless. I taught a class one time on wreath making and I was surprised by everyone's creativity. You could also use a real wreath, but I want mine to last till next year so I opted for the artificial kind.
My first step was to find a small plaque to add a nice extra element. I wanted something that said "Merry Christmas" I bought this little plaque to transform for 50 cents.
I used some computer graphics and came up with this sign. I love to use Vintage Workshop they have a great selection of vintage graphics and fonts for all kinds of projects.
I painted the plaque with red acrylic paint and then distressed the edges by adding a glaze tinted with brown.
I then decoupaged the paper to the plaque and covered the whole thing with a thin coat of Modge Podge to seal it.
For the wreath I started with a basic 24" artificial evergreen wreath. I went around and fluffed it all out before starting. This really helps to make it look prettier and less fake.
These are the basic supplies needed:
1 24" wreath
5-7 cut artifical poinsettia picks
5-7 pine cones
6 yards of ribbon of choice
assorted nature of other picks - only about 3
Hot Glue Gun
wooden dowels
(working in odd numbers helps make a prettier presentation)

After fluffing the wreath. Lay out your design start with the poinsettias. Set everything in place first and then glue in down.
After the poinsettias and pine cones have been placed wrap three yards of the ribbon around the wreath. Carefully tuck it in behind the other decorations.

Make a large bow with the other three yards of ribbon. Wire this bow to the wreath, to help it stay in place.

I than added a few holly berry picks and raffia for a little accent.

Attach the decorative plaque using small wooden dowels, glued to the back of the plaque. Wire in place.
The finished wreath.
The easiest way I have found to hang my wreath is using those removeable hooks. This is better than a wreath hook that goes over the door because your door closes easier and the wreath doesn't get smashed. Happy crafting! If stored in a wreath box this will last for years.


Natalie said...

it turned out so cute manda! my front door needs a serious overhaul. i bet its so cute with your new windows!

Jamie said...

It's super cute! I like it a lot!

2sisters said...

Love it!!!