Friday, October 2, 2009

The bathroom saga (manda)

This little bathroom has been way too long of an ordeal to redecorate. When we were redecorating the Master bedroom. I really wanted to paint the master bath as well. The biggest reason for this was that the vanity countertop was pink! The floor was pink too, of course it matched the pink carpet that was in master bedroom to begin with, but that was almost the first thing we got rid of. We pianted the walls - Cottonseed by Behr and if you look at an earlier blog you can see the tutorial on how I painted the lineleum counter. I am really happy with the result and it has lasted and cleaned up beautifully. We also replaced the ugly wooden towel bar and toilet paper holder with more decortive chrome ones. Last weekend we decided to tackle to floor and my husband needed to replace the inner workings of the toilet because it was leaking.

During the process of taking off the toilet we discovered that the wall behind the toilet had started to mold, yuck, from the leaky toilet We then had to remove part of the wall and replace the drywall. A whole new adventure in and of itself. Last night we finally finished- 6 days later with what should of been relatively easy.

A few words on the floor. This is a small bathroom only 4x5 floor area. I really liked these vinyl stone like tiles. We bought a box at Home Depot. The box includes all of the instructions you need. All you have to do is measure out where the center of the floor, make straight lines with a chalk line and lay down the first tile. The tile is self-adhesive you peel the backing and lay them down. Around the edges we had to cut pieces, but it worked great and I love it. It only took a couple of hours and viola! New floor. We chalked the edges instead of laying show molding against the baseboards. We were able to get the tiles so close to the edge that it didn't take much. To me it makes the bathroom feel larger.

I found this great product at Lowe's for dressing up builder's bathroom mirrors. It is basically framelike piece that you attach around the mirror to make it look like it is framed. (See the first photo). It really helped dress up the space. Although if you have a the $ I would frame out the mirror or buy one. But this stuff was cheap and I found it on clearance. It only cost me about $10 to frame around the mirror and I did one of our other bathroom's too.
My future plans for this space include installing a shower door. The curtain is a real pain. I may also add a few new storage or accessory items. I am really hoping for a nice spa feel when all is said and done.

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