Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome!! (nat)

Such a saga, where to begin!? So hopefully a lot of you know what it's like to have a sister, but a sister that lives WAY TOO FAR AWAY is no fun! About two years ago we both bought our own homes and discovered a whole new love for decorating and getting crafty. We started a blog between the two of us so we could stay up to date on each others projects and give feedback. Just in the last month our eyes have been opened to the enormous world of blogging!! Holy cow there are so many of you amazing crafty, thrifty, designs divas I can't take it all in. So I guess we decided to throw our projects onto a blog of our own in hopes of connecting with fellow crafters and having a place to archive all of our ideas together. We are definitely amateurs as far as decor and blogging but hey we all have to start somewhere right? We have soo much to post so add us to your reader! I think we have about 20 posts to do just to get us caught up to date, and I know we have about 20 things on the "things coming up next" list. Thanks to everyone out there for all the inspiration! I think my two favorites to date are Jill over at homemadebyjill and sarah at thriftydecorchick, you have to check them out! Phew, I think that covers it for now... lets get this blog a rollin'!


Ryan, Ashley & Avery said...

Nat! I love the new blog! You and your sister will be heros, for helping all us wannabe crafters!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

You are too cute! Love this!

2sisters said...

Isn't blogging with your sis so fun! We live a long way apart, and started our blog to keep up on each other's projects too! We would love for you to check our blog out.