Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cute baby shower idea! (nat)

Last night some girls in the neighborhood put together the best baby shower! Four of us are pregnant and all due within a month of each other so they did a combined open house or "girls night out" to celebrate and it was awesome! The whole night was so fun because not only was there great food, but once again Josey came up with this great idea that kept everyone busy! There were about 5 plain onesies for each of us and everyone got creative and decorated the onesies. These girls are soo crafty! They all turned out soo cute and it was so fun to just sit, socialize, and sew together. It was such a fun idea- thanks to everyone that helped out and all the cute outfits! We are sure to have the cutest kids in town.

I tried to snap a few pics of how cute they all turned out! I was so impressed with everyone's skills. Such a fun idea, especially since everyone got so into it.


Marnie said...

I love these onesie ideas. They seem so simple but so cute.

Lindsey said...

I love the little ties. Maybe I'll have to make one for Easton for church.