Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finishing a Kitchen Hutch (manda)

I have wanted a nice Kitchen Hutch for - I don't know- probably years. For Christmas/my Birthday my husband gave me one and said I could pick whatever I wanted. I looked and looked and by far the best way to go to get what I wanted was as the Unfinished Furniture Store. They were very helpful I told them what I was looking for and the helped me sort through catalogs of different styles that I could order. I decided on this on it is solid pine, not that awful particle board stuff.
To finish a piece of furniture like this. The first step we did was to sand it well creating a nice smooth surface. Then you rub on the stain of choice. I used Minwax Early American Pine. It had the nice aged pine look I was going for. You can apply more than one coat of stain to darken the color but I didn't. When that has had time to dry completely, it doesn't take long, you apply the polyurethane. I brushed on the polyurethane but I know that some people like to rub it on. Rubbing it on gives a more aged look. This step is really important because it seals the wood and gives a nice finish. I went for a matte finish because I didn't want it very shiny. I added new hardware.

You could just as easily paint a piece of unfinished wood. Or search Goodwill, Yard Sales, and Craiglslist for old furniture. Just make sure that they are solid wood, otherwise sanding and refinishing will not work!

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This is the finished product all decorated. I love it. I finally can display things. It also helps fill up a very large empty wall in my kitchen. I love the homey country look it gives in the space.