Monday, September 21, 2009

Amanda's kitchen remodel

Well we did it. We have finished the remodel of our kitchen minus a few finishing touches (quarter round trim on the baseboard, caulking the moldings, installing faucet). I for one am thrilled with the result. I think we did an admirable job redesigning and completing the job. So minus a few minor injuries and frustrations we are now better armed with the education and experience to tackle more jobs. Which is probalbly a good thing given we live on the east coast- land of old houses. We really enjoyed the process and even though I had my kitchen blown up almost every Saturday for over a month I wouldn't trade the results. So thanks to all who listened to our saga. We are ready to talk about something else now.

The kitchen when we were looking at the house. - Dark and not cute.
Sanding and Painting-
This was by far the most time consuming and messiest part of the project, but brought the biggest change. If you ever try it make sure things are covered well. Dust gets everywhere.
The last part of the job was of course the floor. Thanks to Home Depot for being the only hardware store that carries this stuff. It is fabulous. Looks just like wood but the price tag is more like vinyl. It has a 25 yr warranty. We won't be replacing a floor again. Jonathan was up till 1:00 am putting it all together. A tough job when you are working mostly by yourself, but it is really nice and the kids keep running into the kitchen in their socks they think it is pretty slick too.
Light, Bright & Beautiful
This is it the finished Kitchen. I am still waiting on my Chritsmas present ( A hutch I ordered for my China) but it should be here in a couple of weeks. We couldn't be more thrilled. It is really the center of our home now. It is light, bright, and happy. But there may yet be more home improvement projects in our future.
Check out that new crown molding
I opted for painting the window for right now
New light fixtures and a new laundry room door finished the room off nicely, I also painted all of the trim work to match the cabinets.

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Amy @ Pretty Frugal Pretties said...

Oh my gosh! First off, thanks for the compliment on my kitchen! It's so crazy how a few coats of white paint can transform it into something SO much more wonderful!!! :)

Second....when I did a search before I even tackled the job....YOUR kitchen is one that came up in my search....and YOU are one of the bloggers who inspired me to do MINE!!! How funny is that!!! So, thank YOU for your post - and giving me the inspiration to make mine go from ugly to beautiful! :)