Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book of Mormon for Kids

Some of you may already know, but about a few years ago I posted about the one project I was the most proud of. I created an Interactive Book of Mormon Book for my kiddos, and once Pinterest became popular, so did that post. After a lot of inquiries I decided to bring the book to life so that it could be available to anyone.

 I am happy to report that after several months, one illustrator, a few meetings with Publishers, and one etsy shop later- the book is officially available! We took all the ideas from my original book and created a version now available through Etsy. If you decide to purchase it, we email it to you as a PDF file that you can print out and decide what you want to do (bind it, turn it into file folder activities etc.) with it, detailed instructions are attached. This book has the first 9 stories of the Book of Mormon and coming in late February or early March we will have volume 2 with the last 9 stories available as well.

Here is the link to this book on Etsy


The Shop name is Book of Mormon for Kids

 Please let me know if you have any questions!! Thnx!!


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