Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Box (nat)

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Ok not the Christmas Box you are thinking of... you won't read about it in a little green book (perfect dad!) but if you come to my house you will see the best Christmas box I've ever had!! It's a white toy box that my dad spent hours putting together just because he knew how happy it would make me. He made the mistake of telling me on the phone one day that he needed a project to work on. So I told him I found this grrreat piece of wood for 5 bucks at a thrift store and decided that it would make the perfect top to a toy box! So he cut all the wood for the rest of it, primed, painted, assempled, hinged, went to home depot about 10 times, and I LOVE it!! The perfect solution to all these crazy toys.

So it all started from this... I think it was maybe a cupboard door, I had no idea what I wanted it for but I could not pass up an awesome beadboard door for 4.99!
And this is what it became! Toy box, bench seat, coffee table, ottoman- so multi-functional, love it!
It houses everything PERFECT! And thanks to the lid stopper, my Boys won't get their fingers slammed. Great job Dad!! I decided that doing more of a distressed look on the top was probably the best route to go since it is a toy box and I am sure it will endure many beatings over time. We'll just make it look like it's supposed to be that way. Oh and who doesn't love whacking away at something, great Holiday stress reliever!


Clay and Katy said...

oh that is amazing! i love it...can your dad make me one too???? haha. and the top is the perfect finishing touch! how fun!

Emily said...

Natalie this is such a great idea! Love it! And the play mat you made was amazing! Really, that was incredible!

I noticed your blog isn't wide enough to support the three columns you have. I think I can help! if you go into your HTML (Under layout) scroll down until you see

/* Outer-Wrapper

three lines down it will say width:
Increase that by 100- Preview it and see, but I think adding 100 should should do the trick, if not keep adding until it works.

Hope that helps!

I love love all your projects!