Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manda's House

Welcome to my cute little country house. All five of us live and love in 1,500 sq. feet. It is true that love grows best in little houses and I have been working on transforming what we have into something great and loving every minute of it.
We moved in about two years ago and as you will soon see started making changes. Of course the first things to change were the things that our budget would allow followed by the most lived in spaces. All of the before pictures were taken when we went to the house inspection before our closing. The bones of the house were good but the decorating was seriously lacking. Some rooms have changed more than others, but I have big plans for all of it. There are still many more projects in the works but it has been a grand adventure that I couldn't wait to share. So sit back and enjoy!
The entry to our home - before
and after.
Kitchen- the entire remodel only cost about $2,000. That includes a new ceramic cook-top stove which is not pictured.

Front living room before- this room was covered in mis-matched office stuff and the window treatments were non-existent. Stains all over the carpet.
and after

Family Room/Den Before- great vaulted ceiling and a fireplace but not much else.
and after- there have been a few more furniture changes which I will include later.

Girls room before
after- the upstairs bedroom are on my spring remodel list
boys room before
Master bedroom before- check out that hideous bedspread. The bedroom was arranged all wrong for the space. The closet and bathroom were difficult to negotiate around the bed. We changed all that.
after- the dresser was also refinished- more on that later.
Master bath before
still a work in progress lets call this step 2.

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