Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make your own fruit bouquet (nat)

I threw a little party at my house celebrating all things spring and I wanted a healthy treat to go with all the junk! I've always thought those fruit bouquets I see on commercials and stuff are really cute but I figured I could probably make one myself. It was super easy and fun.


What you need:
-Pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe,
-head of ice berg lettuce, some green leafy garnish
-some sort of planter or basket or plastic container (got mine at the dollar store)
-wooden kabob skewers
-flower cookie cutter (found a cheap one at a party supply store)
-melon baller

1. Put the lettuce in the bottom of your container
2. Slice pineapple into thin slices, then cut out flowers with the cookie cutter
3. Use melon baller to make balls out of your cantaloupe
4. Put the different fruits on kabob skewers just however it looks cute to you!
5. Place kabob skewers into lettuce. I cut mine different lengths to give it some dimension and different height.
6. Put your leafy garnish on top of the lettuce to cover it up
7. Enjoy!

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